Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cold Weather Tips Concrete Floor Coating Epoxy & Polyurea

Wanted to remind folks that when cold weather starts to grip the USA it's important to remember these few tips...

High & 100% Solids Epoxies should not be used below 50 deg f

Solvent based primers can go to 40 deg f in most cases, wb formulas typically are better 50 deg f and up

Heated garages can be coated, however exterior walls and openings will still be cold in extreme weather, so check temps before going forward

Heaters can be used but stay away from diesel/kerosene heaters and turn heaters off during the actual coating process, turn back on once curing has started, pre-heat several days before coating to slowly raise slab and wall temps. You still need to ventilate for (solvent based products)clear-coats, so remember to keep a door/window partially open for your safety.

Most Polyureas and Urethane products (like our Nohr-S Polyurea and HellFire Coating) can be used to 33 deg f . They will cure but will be slower than normal

Epoxy repair products will be stunted and typically have a 50 deg f limit unless designed for cold-weather. Polyurea repair products (like our XtremeSet 100) can be used to -20 deg f. 

If you decide to push a project off until warmer weather returns remember to store your coatings in a heated (above freezing) area and avoid big temp swings, basements are typically ideal.

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