Sunday, September 9, 2018

Nohr-S Polyurea VS. Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

WOW!! We receive this question 2-3 times per day.  Why should I use Legacy Industrial's Nohr-S Polyurea VS Epoxy?  Let's start with the basics!

Nohr-S Polyurea is a high performing SINGLE PART (no mixing) concrete floor coating.  It is derived from a similar coating used to coat MARINE STRUCTURES used in Ocean Service!! It's important to mention Ocean Service as coatings used for Ocean duty serve in an intolerable environment.  Any coating being used in the World's Oceans needs to be really tough!  Nohr-S Polyurea is from the URETHANE family of products.  Urethanes share the highest level of wear and chemical resistance in the coating world.  Other urethanes include: Polyaspartics and Polyurethanes.

Epoxy is a VAGUE TERM!!  Epoxy on the LOW END could be the materials sold by Big-Box Stores.  These products are not really epoxy.  They are highly fortified pigmented acrylics in many cases.  Pigmented Acrylics won't be affected by UV but are not tolerant to abuse and will not hold up to vehicle traffic, very well,  in many cases.  Just because an epoxy is a 2 part, does not mean it's heavy-duty!!

On the high end, Epoxy can mean 100% solids like Legacy's SD Epoxy.  This and similar products are very high build, high gloss heavy-duty coatings.  They are very useful when trying to achieve a smooth/luxurious or heavy-duty floor.  Legacy's SD Epoxy when coupled with a urethane (Polyaspartic, Polyurea, Polyurethane) topcoat makes a very formidable system but still vulnerable to UV light produced by an open garage door facing East or West and also 2 part.

Here is the Secret-Sauce, the answer you have been waiting for!!!!!!!

ANSWER: Most people buy Nohr-S Polyurea because it is EASY!! There you go.  In addition to being easy to install it is very chem and wear resistant and of course completely UV Stable.

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