Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hot Tire Lift, Bubbling, Sticky Floor and other reasons why your garage coating failed!!

Wow!! It feels good to be slapping this keyboard and talking directly to our customers and guests about garage floor coatings!!

When you have passion for your work and the desire to help people solve issues you aren't working people you are ENJOYING LIFE!!

Ok, quick summary... Going to give you (3) Epoxy, Urethane or Polyaspartic Floor Coating Issues and the reasons why they happen!!  Also.... remember.... Nohr-S Polyurea by Legacy Industrial limits some of these issues so go take a look!
Here we go...

  1. Hot Tire Lift (translation: POOR SURFACE PREPARATION)
    1. Concrete was not made porous enough to allow the coating to bond to the slab
      1. May have to look in the mirror, the guy you see failed you
    2. Hot Tires don't lift coatings, they encourage poorly adhered coatings to leave
    3. The only hot tires that actually are hot enough to hurt coatings are Fire-Truck Tires
      1. We use special systems for these type floors, but still use epoxy
    4. Weak concrete can also allow the tire to take the coating, this is irreversible
      1. Call your mason if this happens, it's his fault, not the coating installer
      2. Place mats under your tires, there may not be another solution
  2. Bubbling Coatings
    1. Too Much Air
      1. Don't mix coatings like cake-batter, slow and steady
    2. Too Hot 
      1. Climbing temps can release moisture from the slab
      2. Descending temps are better
    3. Too Sunny
      1. Direct sunlight beating on a curing coating causes an early-skin
      2. The early-skin traps gasses from leaving during cure
    4. Moisture
      1. Resinous coatings and moisture are not friends 
        1. WB coatings are the exception
        2. Test for moisture
        3. Hedge your bets and choose: AquaDike MVB as your primer
    5. Excessive Air Movement
      1. Fast moving air on the surface can cause an early-skin, see 3.2
  3. Sticky Floor
    1. Remember the guy in the mirror?

  • He did not mix long enough (3 mins is universal time)

    1. He did not mix with a proper wand and low-speed drill
    2. He did not scrape the bucket sides while mixing
    3. He altered the A:B ratio, BAD!!! 
    4. He coated on too cold of a day
    5. He might be scraping if not properly cured in a few days
    6. He is handsome but don't let him near our coatings, please!!

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