Thursday, February 22, 2018

Diamond Grinder Tooling Saving Money Best Kept Secret

Many times contractors have to rent diamond grinders in Florida or other states.  The best kept secret when renting these units like Edco, Blastrac Turbo Grinder or Legacy Industrial SD Grinder units is very simple...
Legacy Industrial SD Grinder "Blue Devil"

Go ahead rent the unit from your local rental house or National Rental company like Hertz, United or SunBelt Rental.  Be sure to account for dust collection as OSHA has set new standards when creating silica dust!!

Dustless HEPA Vac

The best kept secret!!

The rental house pays a fortune in Diamond Tooling costs.  Rental houses HATE to buy and stock consumables.  When an item has teeth, chains or blades that constantly need to be repaired/replaced they pass along the cost (cost plus) to the consumer.  Yes, they charge you full replacement cost of the grinding tools by the day!  Yes, by the day!  It is practically criminal act.  Here is what you can do about it.

  1. Find out the type of machine you will rent
  2. Get the make/model
  3. Research the type of diamond tools/teeth you will need
  4. Contact an online vendor and source these tools/teeth yourself
  5. Now! Only rent the machine, not the tools/teeth

You will save yourself and maybe your company a fortune!  --CLICK HERE--

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