Sunday, August 14, 2016

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Kit - THE BEST KIT EVER!!

The best kit ever?  Well, yes we think it is!!  Legacy Industrial's epoxy garage floor coating kit, SD Epoxy Garage Kit contains more of the items you need and items you might have or can find locally are optional.  You get the good stuff!!  Here is what you get when you choose the 400 Square Foot Option (available in 400, 800, 1200, 1600 and 2000 square foot kits):

  1. 3.0 gallons of 100% solids SD Epoxy Coating
    1. available in 18 colors!
    2. available in 20 flake/chip blends including custom blends
    3. Thickest Epoxy available without an install certification!
  2. 2.0 gallons of penetrating epoxy Primer
    1. Easy to mix and use 
    2. Very long pot-life
  3. Five Gallon Mixing bucket
    1. Making your experience much easier
    2. Convenient and re-usable
  4. Anti-Skid
    1. Available in two popular grade, fine and coarse
    2. Safety First!
  5. Two pounds of blended flake
    1. Pick from all our popular blends
    2. Pick your own colors and make it custom!  no extra charge!
  6. Fully illustrated instructions
    1. Coupled with live help, this makes it easier for you!

Optional items:

  • Premium Tools Package
    • (1) 18" frame, (2) 18" sleeves, (1) squeegee, (2) chip brushes, rubber gloves
  • Spike Shoes
    • Pro-Spikes, what the professionals use!
You be the judge!! Is this the best kit for the most competitive price?? We think so!

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