Monday, July 13, 2015

Epoxy-Coat Garage Floor in hot weather, tips & tricks!

-Try to coat when the sun is going down, not up. Rising temps (extreme temps) can cause moisture to exit a slab. Avoid direct sunlight on a curing floor, can cause bubbling in the summer time (lower garage door a bit).
-Do not coat when rain is in the forecast. Rain can cause surface anomalies as well as curing issues. We use fast cure products in FL to avoid this issue as we get rain nearly everyday in the summer. Once a coating is well on its way into curing the rain issue lessens. Products like our Nohr-S Polyurea have a very long pot-life and don't start curing until they are rolled out. They should be considered for this time of year. 

-Keep your materials inside your conditioned home or a cool basement prior to use. This will help keep the catalyzing/curing process in-line with specs. Hot resin gets much hotter once mixed and can limit your ability to spread fast enough.

-In very hot climates, your mixing bucket can be placed in a water/ice tub to help control heat. Not a bad idea for really hot situations
-This is not specific to hot weather...
Make sure you mix long enough to fully combine your A&B. We use a 3 minute minimum rule. However, a larger kit... 3 gals, 5 gals, may need more mix time to fully combine. Slow speed drill with a wand specifically designed for coatings. Scrape the sides and bottom during mixing, it all has to be mixed!

-Mix and Dump! 100% solids products need to be mixed and poured out in ribbons. DO NOT WORK FROM THE BUCKET. Why? They cure fast and faster in the heat.
-Add bodies. More hands make a big job go much smoother.
-Work with purpose. Don't take calls or chit-chat, get the materials on the floor and rolled out expeditiously.
-Ventilate. Make sure you have good ventilation for you and your helpers, using a fan will help but don't point fan at the curing floor.
-Smaller batches. If you are by yourself you can break-down your units to make the process a little easier, measure properly.

-Again, keep out of direct sun-light and use plastic sheeting to help control an impromptu rain storm from harming the still-wet coating. 

Also... When choosing products make sure you team up with folks that know coatings and apply them regularly so that questions (outside of business hours)get answered fast and properly! We try to help out all who contact us whenever we can. We get many calls from folks looking for help when the original supplier either has no clue or was not available to answer (not fun).

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