Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nohr-S Polyurea Full Flake Broadcast by Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial's Nohr-S Single Component Polyurea is a really versatile product. Use it to seal your raw concrete, coat a floor with gloss color, make a broadcast.  It's utility is only scratching the surface.  Soon to be joined by another Nohr Coating, these products will dominate the DIY garage floor market because they are EASY and offer FAST TURNAROUND.  Please check the photos from a recent install.  Legacy Industrial installers use these products everyday.  We know coatings.  We know because we do, we do because we are a real coatings company and when you need help we have the answers from doing not guessing or reading about it on the internet.  Contact us for more information today.  Here is a video from this install:

Filling cracks with Xtreme Set 100

Grinding with Diamabrush Prep Plus

Getting ready for another coat of Nohr-S

Sand your flake prior to coating for best results

18" rollers for professional results

Gloss coming through, one more coat was added!

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