Sunday, May 10, 2015

Single Component Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Technology from Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial's Nohr-S Polyurea Coating is finally here!
From the icy waters of the North Atlantic Sea, an innovative coating formula that offers easy prep, easy use and long lasting results.  Nohr-S Polyurea Coating is that product and it comes to the "DIY" user or the pro with more than some competitive designs.  A single component, single product format that is robust!  Here is what you will not give up with Nohr-S Polyurea Coating :

  • Gloss Finish
  • Product Thickness
  • Price
  •  People that really know coatings
Our Scandinavian partners designed this product for salt-water marine use on steel vessels and concrete oil-drilling platforms in the harshest of conditions.  It can take that abuse and everything your garage, hobby-shop, warehouse or auto-service center can dish out.  Reliable service coupled with good looks and durability.  Contact Legacy Industrial for more information today!  1-888-652-0333, available for export too!  CLICK HERE


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