Saturday, April 11, 2015

Celebration Exotic Car Festival 2015 Legacy Industrial

Our customers and friends love cars!  We toured the market square area at the Celebration Exotic Car Festival this weekend.  If you dig exotic super cars then feast your eyes on the shots we took.  Don't worry, the next post will contain some useful epoxy floor coating information.  Remember go to for all your garage flooring needs!!

Who didn't want this car when we were young!

The USA made cars were outnumbered by the Italians!

Italian Supecars and Ferrarri's biggest competitor




Timeless Classics

Cocaine Patrol

Go Canes!

DeLorean had a big turn-out

Grandpa Munster's Dragster

Packed house here in Celebration Florida

Team Lotus, racing for Britain

Yes, that's Henry Winkler!

Henry Winkler, again!

Like this shot!

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