Sunday, September 15, 2013

Home Depot, Lowes and Price Club type floors for your garage!!

Big-box stores have trended away from tiles and coated floors over the last twenty years.  They have opted for lower maintenance, warehouse looking surfaces.  Why?  They want to decrease maintenance, lower overhead and still offer you a presentable store-front atmosphere.

How do they make the floors look the way they do and how do I , the homeowner, duplicate or make a close facsimile?

These stores employ a variety of methods: 

  • Extreme power-troweling, Densifier treatment directly after finishing and then high speed burnishing using a concrete guard
  • Concrete grinding/honing followed up with a high speed burnish using a concrete guard
  • Matte gloss sealers over integrally colored concrete
Most of these stores keep the floors looking great by using Diamabrush heads on the floor scrubbing machines used to clean the floors at night.  This presents a slight issue for homeowners.

Homeowners and DIY can make a nice facsimile of the these Big-Box store floors using a Matte gloss sealer.  Legacy Industrial specializes in supplying these sealers to industrial users and homeowners.  HD-6600 is an excellent product used to achieve this look.  Unlike other sealers, Legacy's can withstand hot-tires and most garage chemicals.  Call 1-888-652-0333 for more information.

HD6600 by Legacy Industrial

HD6600 by Legacy Industrial
Big-Box Store Floor

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