Saturday, April 20, 2013

Garage Epoxy Flooring Project

Need help installing your garage epoxy floor coating kit?  Paper instructions didn't do it for you?
Check out the pictures below for a good look at a pro installing a Legacy Industrial HD system.

  1. Grind- use a diamabrush head, very easy to use!!
  2. Vac and broom
  3. Prime using Legacy's Standard Primer/Coating
  4. Apply 100% solids base coat (Legacy's HD or SD)
  5. Apply colored flakes (while coating is still wet)
  6. Apply HD356VOC urethane topcoat (use Soft Skid additive)

Grind the floor.  Diamabrush head being used on floor buffer.

Prime the floor.  Legacy's Standard being used.

Once primed, pour your HD or SD coating out in ribbons.

Have a friend cut while you roll.  Extra hands are always better.

Almost done with HD coating

Spike shoes are a blessing.

Add your flakes while the coating is still wet. 

HD356VOC being dipped and rolled onto floor.       

Finished Floor!!  Note the Soft Skid additive.

Contact Legacy Industrial for more help: 888-652-0333, or


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