Sunday, February 24, 2013

Exterior door threshold transition repair

Legacy Industrial, Winter Garden, FL. Is the manufacturer of HD-110, epoxy repair patch mortar. This unique product is an excellent material to use when repairing/forming transitions between uneven surfaces.

These types of applications are common in door openings. The problem with conventional materials is the likelihood of failure at the edge or beginning where the material is thinnest. The solution to that is a material that can be spread thin and still be strong and resilient. HD-110 is strong and resilient when spread thin.

This material is useful indoors or out and can be coated or left in one of (4) available colors; natural, light gray, dark gray and tile red.

Contact Legacy Industrial at 888-652-0333 or for more information about this and related products.

Easily troweled into place by amateur or professional.

Finished transition, strong and resilient!


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